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Car Battery Replacement Moorabbin

A car battery will generally last up to 4 years, in good condition depending on its usage.

Your battery plays a critical role in your car's operation providing the energy for the ignition system and starter motor and provides power to run accessories.

If your car wont start or the charging light is coming on, maybe your battery has gone flat? or has any other electrical problems we can help. Moorabbin Mechanical will give you the right advice to ensure you get the most suitable battery for your needs and budget and we will also take into consideration environmental conditions, powered accessories and driving habits. All of which will have an effect on your batteries service life and reliability.

We have modern battery testing equipment, this allows us to assess your batteries current condition to ensure battery replacement before emergency breakdown occurs. Car batteries are a major cause of breakdowns don't get caught flat, book an assessment today.

Need your car battery replaced?
Contact Craig or Michael to book your replacement car battery. Phone: (03) 9553 5799 or visit our contact page.

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